BORG LOCKS BL2701 ECP Easicode Pro with Key Override

£108.00 Ex VAT


This BORG LOCKS Easicode Pro Digital Lock with Optional Holdback BL2701 features the super quick `on door` code change function, specially designed for situations in which the code may need to be changed frequently. It is ideal for all light-duty internal timber doors, and fully reversible for both right and left hand hung doors. It also has optional holdback snib, and an `early clear` function to ensure quicker relocking. With the anti-thrust latch designed to prevent tampering and over 4000 different combinations, it is designed to provide secure access control for your premises. This model comes with a key-override mechanism, allowing access to the premises without needing to enter the code provided you have the key.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 41 × 142 cm


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